Changes expected in cattle sale

Marlee Bliss
4-H Devlin Beef Club reporter

The following is the first meeting of the 4-H Devlin Beef Club of the 4-H, which took place on June 1.
In attendance were leaders Louis Bujold and Kim Jo Bliss and members Aaron Bujold, Hanna LeDrew, Lauryn Marchant, Tayah Badiuk, Maddie Bliss and Marlee Bliss.
A new executive was selected: Aaron will be our president for the 2020 year. Lauryn will be Vice-President. Tayah is Secretary. Marlee will be the Press Reporter.
Thank you to those that agreed to fill these positions!
Membership fees are $45 per member. Our Association pays for half of our membership fees.
Project material should be kept in a 3-ring binder and be sure you have your name, club (Devlin Beef), project (Beef), age & address on the front cover. This is due for the next meeting!
A “Me Page” is required and should include a picture of your steer and/or heifer.
The forms that were emailed out prior to this meeting, participation, media & code of conduct must be filled out and signed by your parents if you are under 18. They need to be returned to Kim Jo. You can scan or even take a picture and email.
Emo Fair Grooming competition – it is most likely to be cancelled for 2020. The beef leaders are meeting on Wednesday night so we should have a few more details after that.
Steer Auction – there is a very unlikely chance there will be a steer auction this year. The leaders are leaning towards each member marketing their own animal. Louis would like to be sure to work with each member to ensure they don’t lose money. It may be hard for some to market and we feel that leaders will play a role in marketing. Louis went over past years prices and feels that a minimum carcass price would have to be near $4.04 for a member to not lose any money. We hope to have more information after our beef leaders meeting.
Louis will have the feed and growth charts available soon. He is just making a few updates but is hoping that everyone has been weighting their animals.
We will see if we can get a club picture at some point!
Suggestions to have completed prior to the next meeting – binder front complete & Me page! Please have completed by the next meeting – all the forms that were emailed out, and a short video clip explain what you like or dislike about your heifer and or steer.
Kim Jo and Louis are hoping to make it a little less structured this year as things are so uncertain. We are hoping to work with video clips of everyone’s animals that we can use to work on marketing animals. Aaron pointed out that he would really like to have a show. We are going to plan that each club will have a show. Perhaps the week prior to our Fall Fair weekend. three locals would judge the heifers & steers and the results would be tallied by a computer. Then if we are able, the top animals from each club could compete for an over champion on the Fair Weekend. The Steer carcasses can be judged as well. The steers have been booked at the abattoir for the Monday following the Fair as always.
The next meeting will be on June 15th. We have tentatively set it for 7:30 p.m. but if Hanna must work, we will move it until 8:00 p.m.