Cattlemen question beef prices in stores

The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association passed several resolutions at its annual last Wednesday night in Stratton to be brought up at the annual meeting of the provincial association.
The first resolution, which was carried, involved questioning why prices for beef are relatively high at the grocery stores while they are exceptionally low for the farmers.
The RRCA is calling for the OCA to investigate this discrepancy.
Meanwhile, concern over the fact cattlemen are not in control of the rendering of waste parts of animals was raised by Len Kuorikoski, who worried that the rules against feeding rendered waste materials to beef is where the line will be drawn.
He feels if that’s the case, what is to stop processing plants from sending the rendered waste from beef to a chicken or hog operation, where those animals would be fed them and then, in turn, rendered products from the chickens or hogs could be fed back to beef.
RRCA past president Tom Morrish said he feels the rules on rendered animals should apply to all species.
A resolution calling for that was carried.
Two resolutions involving wildlife also were carried. One called on the government to provide compensation to farmers for damage done by wildlife to their crops and other assets and the other for damage done by hunters.
While no resolution was passed on the next issue, all agreed with local cattleman Amos Brielmann when he asked for one to be passed calling on the OCA to put a large ad in the Globe and Mail thanking Canadians for stepping up their beef consumption after the U.S. border was closed to Canadian beef in the wake of the single “mad cow” discovered last May in Alberta.
“The Canadian public has been very supportive of us. I am very thankful,” Brielmann said.