Cattle scale ready to go

All that’s left to do now is remodelling the interior after the new ring scale at the Stratton sales yard received the federal stamp of approval last week.
“We have a sticker on it and she’s all ready to go,” said Peter Spuzak, president of the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association.
The scale was installed Feb. 8, and thoroughly tested by Scaleco, the company which sold it to the RRCA, last Wednesday.
Last Thursday, the government rep arrived from Thunder Bay and performed all the same tests–a stress test and a weight precision test–and gave it the okay.
Now all that remains is the carpentry to remodel the inside of the cattle barn around the ring.
The stands around the ring will be moved in closer, and a new digital board will be purchased and erected so a cow’s weight will be instantly displayed as it steps up onto the platform.
Volunteers already have begun tearing out the stands behind the ring to build offices and an auctioneer’s box.
“We do have a lot of work to do but it’s just housekeeping,” said Spuzak.
Spuzak said the remodelled cattle barn should be ready for the RRCA’s spring sale in April.