Cattle breeders still waiting for open border

Cattle farmers will have to wait a while yet before the U.S. border once again is wide open to Canadian cattle, the Rainy River Cattle Breeders Association learned last week.
Gary Sliworsky, area rep of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food (OMAF), told a meeting of local breeders in Stratton last Thursday night that things are far from normal yet—and won’t be again for some time.
“The [live] cow situation is not likely to change for some time,” Sliworsky advised the group.
Shipments of live cattle and beef products to the U.S. from Canada were suspended May 20 after a single case of “mad cow” disease was discovered in Alberta.
Since then, the border has re-opened to boneless cuts of meat, but live animals still are not permitted.
There was some good news, however. Guest speaker Barry Potter, a livestock specialist from OMAF, brought the crowd up to date on the latest in reproductive technology in the cattle industry.
He gave a talk on a new technique to control the heat cycle of breeding cows to best utilize available resources and maximize efficiency in artificial insemination.
Several breeders on hand expressed interest in the idea, which Potter said has been thoroughly tested and approved by OMAF.