Cash calendar winners

Cory Peterson of Thunder Bay and Don Joskow of Oshawa were two $100 winners in the Rainy River District Mutual Aid Association cash calendar draw for the week of July 28-Aug. 3.

The $30 for that week included Tricia Donohue and Trish Warren (Atikokan), Hugh and Carol Clifford (Sleeman), Nathan Armstrong and Martin and Jacquie Dufresne (Rainy River), Bill Venturini (Thunder Bay), and Sean Anderson (Toronto).

Meanwhile, James Bliss of Fort Frances was among the $30 winners for the week of July 21-27.

Other winners for that week included Jim Devlin (Devlin), Stella Huntley and J. and S. Torbiak (Atikokan), Robin Wall (Peterborough), Simone and Lawrence Rasmussen (Winnipeg, Man.), and Marilyn and Dick Houghton (Canduff, Sask.).