Carvings all part of fair exhibits

The 4-H exhibition hall was bare of vegetables, but had several displays in various categories that showed they are very well represented the Rainy River district and are an active group within the agriculture framework. Of the seven plus exhibits, there were quite a few first place worthwhile displays.
For example, The Horse and Me, 4-H Exchange to Quebec, Generation to Generation, and Mission Breadventure provided the public with the growth within the 4-H movement. On the grounds there was the animal exhibit–this is just one of many ventures 4-H takes part in the farming area.
This year The Trembling Aspen Carvers had part of the 4-H facility to make their presence known. Steve and Donna Latimer were on hand to display their carvings which included different species and since they were the Emo Fair founders of the group, Dave and Arlean of Erickson, Mn. were on hand to assist and visit with members of the Carving Club. The group periodically meet to plan and work at various projects.
Donna and Steve Latimer live in Burriss township north of Devlin, on 180 acres of mixed bush and fields ideal for bird watching, which is a major interest. In 1966, Steve began to carve some of the local birds from basswood harvested in the district of Rainy River. Donna, who has 10 years experience as a painter puts the finishing touch to carvings.
They have recently expanded their carvings to include wood spirits carved in the bark of cottonwood, black poplar, and basswood. Santas as well as other figures of interest were also on hand–all could be used as gifts on various occasions.