Carlson sworn in as Emo councillor

Ed Carlson became Coun. Carlson last Tuesday night as he recited a declaration in front of Emo council and several other township residents.
Coun. Carlson said he is both excited and honoured about receiving the position.
“It’s something I’d thought about for a while,” he said about getting involved in the community. “But I was reluctant at first because of time commitments.
“I thought this would be good for me because it’s only a one-year term,” he noted. “I can see how it goes and decide whether or not I’ll run in the elections [in November, 2006],” he added.
Coun. Carlson also is currently supervisor of Riverside Ambulance Services in Fort Frances, Emo, and Rainy River. He has lived in the district for most of his life, which he thinks will benefit him as a councillor.
“I feel I will have a good insight into the needs and wants of the individuals in the community,” he remarked. “But I know I won’t be able to please everyone.
“I’ll just do what I think is right.”
While Coun. Carlson said he didn’t come to council with an agenda, he hopes to learn a lot and is interested to see how issues progress in the municipality.
“So far it’s difficult and interesting,” he noted during a break from last Tuesday night’s council meeting (Oct. 25).
“I don’t know a lot of the background, especially about issues that started years ago, so I have to ask questions.”
Coun. Carlson hopes he will do a good job, and promises to be both honest and open-minded.
Also at last Tuesday’s meeting, two representatives from the Rainy River Future Development Corp. addressed Emo council about the pros and cons of developing a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for the municipality.
Tannis Drysdale, along with intern Jessie Zhang, noted a CIP would allow for legal incentives to new businesses looking to establish themselves in the area, such as low commercial/industrial taxes, which would make a business viable.
However, Drysdale also mentioned several cons of developing a CIP for Emo.
“It is a time-consuming process,” she warned, adding several meetings would have to be scheduled with council to develop the CIP, which then would be submitted to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for approval.
“And it would add a new function for council,” Drysdale noted, also describing the possibility of financial implications.
But, she added, it is a “tool” which can be created and put on the shelf until council chooses to make use of it.
Emo Reeve Russ Fortier said the municipality currently is very limited to help businesses in the community and council agreed to contact the RRFDC to schedule a meeting for the purpose of discussing a CIP.
In other business last week, Emo council listened to an address by Dave Saunders of the Ministry of Natural Resources regarding the road hunting bylaw.
Saunders proposed council consider a resolution made by the municipality of Chapple to prohibit the possession of a loaded firearm in the area from the road to the fenceline due to safety issues.
Council defeated the resolution until it could be clarified.
Also last week, Emo council:
•agreed to purchase roughly $1,000 worth of fireworks for the Chamber of Commerce to be used for the “Holly Daze” celebrations in Emo on Dec. 2-3;
•authorized payment of the Municipal Property Assessment Corp.’s fourth-quarter billing in the amount of $4,480.87;
•approved to post a 20 km/h speed limit sign on Young Lane, due to it being a single lane and for pedestrian safety;
•agreed to extend the funding agreement with the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund, pertaining to the Water Facilities Upgrade Project, to April 30, 2007;
•proclaimed Nov. 13-20 as Restorative Justice Week with the theme “Wisdom Gained Through Experience,” as requested by the Correctional Service of Canada;
•appointed Coun. Carlson to sit on several committees, the Emo Toy Library/Resources Centre advisory committee, as council rep on the Emo Chamber of Commerce, and the Emo Bio-mass/co-generation project; and
•agreed to contribute $1,000 to assist in the purchase of an Ontario Medical Mobile Eye Care Unit (eye van), which Dr. Ingrid Krampetz described as being a worthwhile service for the area.