Carlson re-elected Emo reeve Watson wins La Vallee race by two votes

Emo residents re-elected Ed Carlson as reeve on Monday, according to unofficial results.
The incumbent garnered 309 votes to fend off challenger Ingrid Krampetz (241) and former councillor Geoff Pearce (33).
“I relieved and happy,” Carlson said in an interview yesterday. “We’ve been working on some things and I wanted to see them through to completion. . . .
“In the end, I think people weren’t as dissatisfied as maybe some thought.”
The three incumbent councillors also were re-elected Monday—Harri Sheloff (293), Ken Fisher (265), and Gary Judson (245). But it was newcomer Gerd O’Sullivan who garnered the most votes (328).
“I was surprised I got the most votes,” O’Sullivan conceded. “I think it shows people have some confidence in me and might be looking for a little bit of a change.”
As the only new councillor for this four-year term, she is looking forward to the challenge.
“The transition period will be shorter this time,” O’Sullivan said. “But I will have to peddle very quickly to catch up. . . . Once I get up to speed, we should just be going along.”
O’Sullivan explained she doesn’t have an agenda to bring to the table, but plans to stress accountability and openness.
“I’m a great believer in not hiding behind closed doors because it will get out and what gets out is usually wrong because it becomes rumours and innuendoes instead of facts.
“The people you are representing should know the truth and I can’t think of anything people shouldn’t know because it’s their town, we’re doing the job for them, it’s their money we’re playing with, and I think they should be told up front what we’re doing,” she stressed.
Carlson also is pleased with the new addition to council.
“I feel her heart is in the right place and that she will be an asset,” he remarked.
Those failing to win a seat on Emo council were Michelle Marinaro (216), Glen Kellar (165), Sylvia Hyatt (160), Vernon Thompson (160), Herb Johnson (142), Daniel Young (73), and Frank Szeder Jr. (42).
Voter turnout was about 57 percent in Emo, with 583 of the 1,028 eligible residents casting their votes.
In La Vallee, meanwhile, Emily Watson was re-elected as reeve by just two votes over former reeve Ken McKinnon (175-173).
“It was a very close race,” she said, noting just six votes were the difference when the pair ran against each other in 2003.
“There were four recounts to make absolutely sure,” she added.
“I’m feeling great—pleased. I certainly wouldn’t have let my name stand if I wasn’t committed to working for the people for the next four years.”
McKinnon, of course, was disappointed by the result.
“There was an indication that I had a lot of support in the community, but I must respect the people’s decision,” he remarked. “I thought it would probably be close and I thought I had a good chance.”
Incumbents Freeda Carmody (218) and Jim Bellez (188) were re-elected to council, where they will be joined by newcomers Ross Donaldson (220) and Lucille MacDonald (179).
“There are two experienced councillors and two new and we have a 50-50 split, two women, two men,” Watson noted. “I think it’s going to be an excellent council.”
“I’m really pleased with the mix,” echoed Donaldson. “[And] I’m feeling pretty good. It’s nice to know that people trust me. . . .
“A vote of confidence from people I’ve grown up with that they the respect for me that I can do the job.”
Those failing to win a council seat Monday were Len McCormick (141), Dale Stamarski (106), and Brian Trimble (64).
Also Monday, Glenda Belluz (360) beat out Barbara Everett (259) for the Alberton-La Vallee seat on the Rainy River District School Board.
In Alberton, Mike Hammond was re-elected as reeve with 195 votes—edging out Coun. Michael Ford, who earned 183 votes.
“I never expected it to be so close,” Hammond said of the results. “But I thought it could go either way. . . .
“I’m just looking out for my community.”
Hammond doesn’t expect any major challenges ahead this term.
“This municipality just about runs by itself,” he noted. “With the current economic outlook, I don’t expect to see too much happening unless things pick up.”
Barb Cournoyer (319) and Doug Mitchell (266) both were re-elected to council Monday. They will be joined by Yves O. DeGagne (294) and Peter Spuzak (254).
The fifth candidate, Chane Rissman, received 184 votes.
Alberton used a vote-by-mail system this time around and increased voter turnout to 47 percent from 30 percent in 2003.
In Chapple, Rilla Race was re-elected as councillor for Ward 2 with 49 votes, defeating George Siemens (18). And James Gibson received 47 votes to win the council seat for Ward 3 over Stefan Szeder (six).
Reeve Peter Van Heyst had been acclaimed, as were Couns. Mark Hyatt (Ward 1) and Rick Neilson (Ward 4).
In Morley, Ken Haw (99), George Heyens (97), Maury Nielson (84), and Bill Romyn (75) were elected the council, joining Reeve Gary Gamsby (acclaimed).
Failing to win a council seat were Gary Jolicouer (57) and Chris Pollard (46).
The race for the Northwest Catholic District School Board seat remained ensure as of press time. Morley recorded 53 votes for Mark Chojko-Bolec, 52 votes for Don Marquis, and 44 votes Kim Desserre, with one municipality left to file results.
Also Monday, Rainy River elected its first female mayor as Coun. Debbie Ewald beat out fellow councillor Ed Tymkin 206-178.
Elected to council there were Gerry Marchuk (252), Gord Armstrong (250), Brent Anderson (207), and Marilyn McAlister (181).
Those failing in their bid for a seat were incumbents Dean Wiersema (176) and Dennis Ewald, along with Heather Anderson (115).
Voter turnout in Rainy River was 53.03 percent.
In Lake of the Woods Township, incumbent Val Pizey was re-elected as reeve over Bill Lundgren (237-201).
Nancy Gate (175) and Tony Sepers (171) were elected to council for Ward 1 over Jody Gouliquer (66) and Elizabeth Mitchell (46) while Colleen Fadden and Joann Moen were acclaimed in Ward 2.
In Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls, Gale Black (269) and Lou Kabel (186) were elected as councillors at large—beating out Daniel Bouvier (159).
They will join acclaimed Mayor William Thompson and accalimed Couns. Chan Motlong (Ward 1) and Norbert Dufresne (Ward 2).
And in Atikokan, incumbent Dennis Brown easily was re-elected mayor with 1,144 votes over Robert Davidson, who garnered just 310.
The six councillors elected were William Bell (1,033), Mike Shusterman (988), Bud Dickson (986), Shermin Durand (817), Charlie Viddal (769), and Marj Lambkin (698).
Those failing to win a council seat there were Bob Gosselin (638), Mary Makarenko (606), Marlene Davidson (447), Miles Brown (306), Gayle Green (287), and Darrin Hanlon (157).