Candidate failed vetting process

From the NDP

Fort Frances resident Matt Soprovich was denied the opportunity to run as a candidate for our party because he failed the party’s vetting process.
The nomination sub-committee of the party executive, which is made up of party vice-presidents, reviewed Soprovich’s social media posts.
The committee unanimously supported the decision, and Soprovich was informed by letter and phone call that he would not be a candidate under our party’s banner.
The reason Soprovich has failed the party’s vetting process is because of multiple social media posts that glorified violence against women, or predatory behaviour towards women.
In one example, Soprovich compares women to animals, writing “you might end up hitting them with your car.”
In another example, Soprovich describes, in a blog, efforts to prevent a woman from coming to the aid of her sister in a potentially dangerous or compromising situation, saying he was trying to stop her from being a “cock block.”
We understand Soprovich has claimed that other, perhaps less troublesome, posts were the reason he is not fit to represent our party. Obviously, that’s not the case.
We stand behind our decision to work to build a team of candidates that can be trusted not to say or write things that degrade women, or glorify violence against women.