Calvary Baptist ordains pastor

Calvary Baptist Church in Emo held an ordination service for Pastor Andrew Hall last Sunday afternoon in the sanctuary of the Christian Reformed Church.
The introductory statement and report of the ordination examining council was delivered by Margaret Elliot of the Fort William Baptist Church in Thunder Bay.
The welcome, call to worship, and prayer was given by James Klug.
The moderator’s address to the ordinand was given by Bobbi Dingman of the Northwestern Association of Baptist Churches, and the message was given by Rev. Ted Searle, pastor at First Baptist in Dryden and Ebenezer Baptist in Eagle River.
Rev. Searle was supervisor to Pastor Hall in preparing him for the ministry.
Rev. Searle based his sermon topic on “Serving the Lord and Sharing in Faith,” noting one must stand firm with the Word even though our world is being torn apart.
He referred to the Book of Acts, Ch. 20, v. 24.
“Keep God in your soul and be alert. This is part of the ministry,” Rev. Searle told Pastor Hall.
Organist Marina Gerber, pianist Margie Hall, guitarist John Wiebe, and violinist Armela Klug, with praise leader Heidi Gerber, led the congregation in several hymns.
The laying on of hands and ordination prayer was led by Rev. Dr. Stanley Hibbins. As area minister, he also extended the right hand of fellowship, presenting Pastor Hall into the ministry.
Pastor Hall concluded the service by giving the benediction.