Calf sale set for Saturday

The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association was holding a working bee Wednesday at the Stratton cattle barn in preparation for this Saturday’s calf sale.
“It’s the cattlemen’s annual feeder sale,” noted RRCA president Tom Morrish.
“It’ll be mostly calves, this spring’s calves,” he noted. “An educated guess would be around 1,200 going by past sales.”
This year, farmers have been reporting a good season for the animals on the pasture, with some healthy head expected to come through the ring scale.
“Yeah, it was a pretty good year. Calves seem to have done fairly well,” said Morrish. “It was kind of a rough spring, but this summer pastures weren’t bad.”
Cattle will begin to arrive at the barn Friday morning and be penned throughout the day for the sale, which kicks off around 9 a.m. on Saturday.
“The first ones in are the first ones sold,” Morrish explained.
The calves will be purchased by beef farmers, with some of them returning to the Stratton cattle barn as yearlings in next year’s auctions.
“A good number of them bought at the sale will be wintered through and pastured in the summer,” said Morrish.
There have been few changes at the sales barn over the summer. For instance, some of the pens have been modified at the south end to improve access to the animals leaving the new ring scale, which has been a very successful improvement to the local market.
“That’s really done wonders for our sale,” said Morrish.
This Saturday’s auctioneer will be Stewart McSherry with, as usual, the Pinewood Catholic Women’s League providing home-cooked food during the sale.