Bulk Honey Day at Clover Valley Farmers’ Market

The bees have been busy getting ready for Bulk Honey Day at Clover Valley Farmers’ Market.
This Saturday (Sept. 3), Seven Bends Honey Farm will be at the market with 45 gallon barrels of freshly extracted local honey ready to pour. Customers need to bring their own containers to be filled. Honey will be $2.75 per pound.
Bulk Honey Day is always anxiously anticipated by market regulars. They’ll be ready, containers in hand to collect their annual supply of golden nectar from beekeepers, Rick and Linda Neilson.
These owners of Seven Bends Honey Farm have been sweetening northwestern Ontario since 1976.
The Neilson’s product line includes liquid honey in a variety of containers to meet your individual needs, creamed honey, comb honey, flavoured honey sticks as well as beeswax.
Aromatic beeswax is a by-product of the honey-making process. Used for centuries, beeswax has had many uses over the centuries.
Among present day users of beeswax are sewers, woodworkers and other crafters.
Blocks are available for the Neilson’s in a variety of shapes and sizes as are a beautiful assortment of candles.
Neilson’s candles begin with coloured beeswax sheets that are rolled into different thickness and heights. They are useful for everyday or seasonal festivities, weddings and parties, or gift giving.
Rick and Linda will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about their products and bee keeping.
The farmers’ market also continues to have a terrific variety of vegetables. Corn, pickling cucumbers, green beans, peas-in-the-pod, tomatoes and onions are just a sampling.
Ontario peaches, apples and concord grapes were available this past Saturday. Watch for new crops of squash to soon appear.
Come for the freshness. Stay for the fun.