Brush off sand, grass before using spray park

Dave Ogilvie

With all the hot weather here of late, the Emo spray park has been a welcome addition to the waterfront.
One problem, however, has caused the shutdown of the park on several occasions.
Whenever the system’s filters get clogged with grass and sand, the operating system automatically shuts down. The spray park only can be re-opened when town workers clean the filters and reset the automated system.
As such, parents are strongly urged to make sure their children take the time to brush off all sand and grass from their feet, hands, and body before entering the spray area.
Only through the co-operation of all users can this problem be avoided in the future.
In related news, the town and spray park committee once again would like to thank the many individuals and businesses who contributed to the park’s construction.
A list of all the major donors will arrive soon and will be hung on the side of the spray park building.
Meanwhile, a final order of memorial bricks will be send to the monument company in the next couple of weeks. A number of bricks were missed in the initial order and will be included in the final one.
As well, the names on a couple of bricks were misspelled. These also are being corrected.
When the new bricks arrive, some of the blue/gray ones will be lifted up and the memorial bricks installed.
• • •
The Emo & District hospital auxiliary is holding a draw on a lovely Hamilton Beach crock pot donated by William M. Neilson.
Tickets cost $2 each, which can be purchased in the hospital cafeteria.
A reminder that the auxiliary’s annual fall tea and bazaar will be held on Friday, Oct. 15 at the Emo Legion.
• • •
Back in May, a health-related community consultation was held for the communities of Emo, La Vallee, and Chapple.
On Oct. 12 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m., a follow-up meeting will take place at the Emo Inn to discuss the identified priorities and potential initiatives that could address these priorities.
If you are interested in attending this meeting, or if you have any questions, contact Elaine Fischer at 274-9827 ext. 238 or via e-mail at
Also feel free to share this invitation with any committees or organizations to which you belong.
In related news, Wilma Sletmoen will be taking over as health educator in the Emo office of the Northwestern Health Unit.
She will be starting on Sept. 7, and can be contacted at 482-2211 ext. 222 or via e-mail at