Boshcoff declares support for Dryden

Thunder Bay-Rainy River MP Ken Boshcoff last week declared his support for Ken Dryden’s candidacy for the Liberal leadership.
“Ken Dryden is the genuine item—sincere, knowledgeable, and able to unite all regions of Canada,” said Boshcoff.
“During my term as chair of the Subcommittee for Persons with Disabilities, I found Mr. Dryden’s personal interest in the issues both deep and caring,” he added.
Boshcoff also said Dryden’s intelligence, stability, and vision for a better country are hallmarks of respected national and international leaders.
“His team-focused approach and integrity of character are leadership qualities that I believe are vital traits for the next prime minister of Canada,” Boshcoff remarked.
Boshcoff noted he had the opportunity to discuss the issues facing Northwestern Ontario with Dryden during his recent visit to Thunder Bay.
“I was very impressed with his understanding of our concerns and his support for the development of all communities as the way to strengthen the entire country,” Boshcoff concluded.