‘Boot drive’ raises $2,500

The Fort Frances Fire Brigade raised $2,500 for a good cause when they held their “boot drive” for Muscular Dystrophy on Tuesday evening in conjunction with the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship’s parade of boats.
“It’s awesome,” firefighter Wayne Riches said this morning. “It’s gotten to a point where the community knows we’re going to be out there. I think they almost expect us to be.
“And as we’ve seen, from the donations we got, the community continually supports us,” he added.
Riches said the amount raised during the “boot drive” has increased significantly since its inception in 2002. The drive brought in about $500 the first time they did it three years ago, then $750 in 2003 and $2,000 last year.
More than a dozen full-time and volunteers firefighters, along with their family members and fire department mascot, Sparky, led the parade, carrying fire boots for donations.
They also had the fire department rescue truck and boat float with them.
The firefighters also handed out balloons and Freezies along the parade route, which stretched from the old CN station to the Sorting Gap Marina.
Muscular Dystrophy is the chosen charity of fire departments around the world.