Book fair coming up at OLW

Our Lady of the Way School will hold a book fair Wednesday, Oct. 24 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Anyone interested in helping out can contact Theresa Sharp at 483-5874.
The Terry Fox Run says thanks to Mrs. Davidson and Mrs. Armstrong for organizing this event. OLW raised $100, which was sent to the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research.
A big thank you also to everyone who participated.
Meanwhile, OLW’s annual walk-a-thon was a great success. The weatherman co-operated and everyone had a great time. Those who participated are asked to make sure their pledge sheets are handed in so organizers can proceed with the drawing of prizes.
Staff members at OLW who were missed in the last newsetter included Blaine Frenette (head custodian) and Jody Jolicouer (support staff). OLW also thanked Jolicourr for her service as education assistant.
As part of its school improvement plan, OLW is trying to raise the level of literacy of students from JK to grade eight. As such, they are in the process of purchasing books for the primary grades.
If you have any books in good condition suitable for elementary school students and wish to donate them, bring them to the office.
In recent soccer action played at Donald Young School in Emo, the grade four team from OLW placed first in their division. The grade fives finished with a 1-2 record, the grade sixes lost both their games in a shootout, the grade sevens were 1-1, and the grade eight team wound up 0-2.
The executive of OLW’s school council features Jody Jolicouer (chair) Norina Sopotiuck (co-chair), Gabe Langlais (secretary), and Theresa Sharp (treasurer).
Other members include principal David Sharp (management rep), Colette Fafard (teaching rep), Janet Ellis (non-teaching rep), Wade Desserre, Dorothy Sharp, Cindy Mowe, Mary O’Connor, and Janette Gavel (parent reps), Fr. James Panikulam (clergy rep), and Elaine Medicine (Manitou Rapids rep).
The student council executive includes Jennifer McCormick (president), Corey Fehr (vice-president), Nigel Hunter (treasurer), and Brandon McGee (secretary).
Class reps are Tim Sharp (grade five), Matthew Anderson (grade six), Curtis Cochrane (grade seven), and Amanda Gouliquer (grade eight).
Last Wednesday, the grades three and four led OLW in a Thanksgiving celebration with stories, prayers, and a sing-song. Thanks to all who donated food items.
The collection of food was a tremendous success, which was passed on to Fr. James to distribute where needed.