Boivin no longer in critical condition


Local snowmobile racer Curtis Boivin has made progress in his recovery from head injuries sustained in an accident at Beausejour, Man. earlier this month.
According to the latest update posted online by the Boivin family, the 19-year-old no longer is in critical condition.
He has been moved from the SICU (Surgical Intensive Care Unit) to the step down ICU at a Winnipeg hospital.
“The ventilator was removed and a tracheotomy tube was placed in its place,” the update noted. “However, he is breathing completely on his own with no assistance.
“The trach tube will eventually be removed when they feel it’s completely safe to do so,” it added.
“He is on his road of recovery and has a long way to go,” the family said.
“We hope more and more each day he shows more signs of awareness, and can eventually communicate with us all a bit better.”