Board to review Lenten projects

Sam Odrowski

The Northwest Catholic District School Board will review the 2018 Lenten School Report, which looks at the many activities, prayers, and reflections teachers delivered in their classroom, during its regular monthly meeting tonight.
Many of the board’s schools began their Lenten practices with a Shrove Tuesday pancake breakfast, followed by an Ash Wednesday service the next day.
The report says all schools participated in daily and weekly prayer services, as well as took part in readings and reflections to help students on their Lenten journey.
St. Michael’s School is recognized in the report for its “Change for Change” fundraiser that provided essentials to an orphanage in Liberia (Africa).
The report also mentions how the Grade 6 class at Sacred Heart School in Sioux Lookout presented the Stations of the Cross and a re-enactment of the Last Supper.
St. Francis School followed suit with its Interactive Stations of the Cross. The school also held an Easter basket and hot lunch fundraiser to support the installation of water wells in Liberia.
The report makes note of how community outreach was a focus during the Lenten season.
Students from three of Mrs. Glueheisen’s Christian Living Class at St. Joseph’s School in Dryden donated items to their local food bank as a part of their Lenten journey.
Many of the board’s schools also raised funds and awareness for the Catholic organization based out of Canada, Development and Peace’s annual “Share Lent” campaign.
As well, St. Patrick’s School in Atikokan managed to raise more than $1,000 from participating in “THINKfast” for Development and Peace on Holy Thursday.
Our Lady of the Way School in Stratton, meanwhile, was involved in social justice this year for its Lenten project.
Staff and students from the school made dresses for the “Little Dresses for Africa” charity.
The report outlines how Our Lady of the Way School was able to donate a total of 70 dresses that were made this year and last year.
The board then will review the Catholic Education Week 2018 Pre-Report, which discusses the new Catholic Education Week theme, “Renewing the Promise.”
After that, the board will review a health and safety report regarding workplace violence being covered at the next principals’ meeting.
A report regarding the school board sending home a newsletter to parents regarding math tips will be looked at, as well.
Lastly, a report regarding the minutes from the most recent co-ordinators’ meeting will be covered.
The board’s monthly recognition of excellence is to be presented to St. Patrick’s School secretary Tammy Desaulniers for her exemplary dedication and commitment to the school.
The board then will review the minutes from a variety of board committees.
It also will review a report on student enrolment, pertaining to kindergarten registration conducted from Feb. 26-March 2.
As well, the board will review a report giving an update on the new school build and budget updates for 2018-19 that look at student needs.
The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for the use of school laptops at home has been revised and will be reviewed at tonight’s meeting.
A revised version of the Early and Ongoing Identification of Children’s Needs report also will be looked at.
Lastly, a report regarding Safe Arrival and Dismal of Students will be assessed.
The latter report came after the Northwest Catholic District School Board requested that each school develop and implement a safe arrival and safe dismal program.
After the confirmation of the following reports, the board will look at future meetings and the summary of board evaluations from its March 20 meeting,
Following this action, the public section of the meeting will be adjourned.
Tonight’s meeting, which will be held via videoconference, starts at 6:30 p.m. in the board office adjacent to St. Francis School here.