Board to recognize nutrition programs

The Rainy River District School Board will recognize both Donald Young School and the school in Nestor Falls for their nutrition programs at its regular monthly meeting tonight in Emo.
The philosophy behind the programs is that well-nourished students will have better concentration, and will better retain and apply information.
DYS began its hot lunch program in September, in partnership with Cloverleaf Grocery, the Township of Emo, Breakfast for Learning, and various local individuals and businesses.
Students have the option to buy a hot lunch, including a milk, three days a week at a cost of $2—recently reduced from the original cost of $2.50.
Cereal, milk, and juice also are available to students who come to school without breakfast.
In Nestor Falls, a hot lunch is available every Wednesday for $3. The meals are prepared by volunteers, and include whole grains and vegetables.
The program there is made possible through a partnership with the Northwestern Health Unit and the local community.
A healthy snack program also is available in Nestor Falls, providing fruit, vegetables, and whole grains three times a week.
Both schools will receive the board’s Recognition of Excellence for their programs.
Also at tonight’s meeting, the public school board will vote to submit its draft Pupil Accommodation Policy (formerly the School Closure Policy) for stakeholder consultation.
In October, the Ministry of Education released the Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines to help boards develop new policy regarding school closures.
The ministry requires a minimum of four public meetings held a minimum of 60 days after the board’s announcement of intent to review accommodation.
The board has revised its policy in accordance with ministry guidelines. Feedback on the policy must be received before March 23.
Tonight’s meeting will be held at Donald Young School in Emo starting at 7 p.m.