Board expands bus and parking at Robert Moore, education building

Ken Kellar

Summer is construction season, and while the season is beginning to run out, there’s still plenty of work going on around Fort Frances, including a few visible projects around Robert Moore School and the Rainy River District School Board (RRDSB) education building.
Anyone passing by the education building on Second St. over the past few weeks has likely noticed the equipment, workers or fruits of labour, and the board has clarified that the work going on on the south side of the building is to enhance the parking lot as well as to account for less-visible construction happening on the north side of Robert Moore.
“These site improvements are part of the effort for a new Child Care Centre project at Robert Moore School,” the board clarified in an email.
“The interior renovations have been completed. The site improvements include a new Kindergarten bus pull off on Fourth Street as the original bus pull off was turned over to the new Child Care Centre which is housed in our old Kindergarten area.”
While child care continues to be under the purview of the Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board (RRDSSAB), the construction work to accommodate the new arrangement falls under the scope of the RRDSB.
The public might also be wondering why, if construction is happening to create a buss pull off at the school, so much construction is happening along Second sT. And the education building? Well, the answer is simple: when you take away parking spots at one location, you have to make them up somewhere else, and the education building is well known for congested parking.
“Also included [in the construction] is an expansion of 17 parking spaces in the large lot between the Education Centre and Robert Moore School, as well as 20 new spaces on the south side of the Education Centre which is what everyone can really see,” the board confirmed.
“These new parking spots are required to replace the 18 spaces consumed to build the new kindergarten play area behind Robert Moore, provide additional spots to accommodate child care staff, as well as, in general add some spaces for parking during peak times at the Education Centre.”
The Board has a number of projects in the works, including a spate of projects that were announced last week. In a press release from the RRDSB, it was announced the board received approval from the Ministry of Education on three new projects in the district: the Rainy River K-12, Child Care and EarlyON Child and Family Centre Project; the Atikokan K-12, Child Care and EarlyON Child and Family Centre Project; and the Donald Young School Child Care Project.
The Board noted that while construction was halted early on in the pandemic, the only major impact from that shutdown was a delay in the completion of the child care centre at Robert Moore, which has since been completed. The other projects weren’t affected as they had not been awarded at the time.
The construction around Robert Moore school and the Board’s education office is ongoing, but expected to be completed by the end of the month.