Bible camps had successful summer

CSSM rep Mark Mast reported a successful summer season for area Bible camps.
“Once again, God has blessed us with a very rewarding summer,” said Mast, in his 12th summer of ministry in the Rainy River District. “There are many testimonies of individuals who had experienced the Lord in a meaningful way.”
“It was just too short” and “Aw, man, I wanted to stay here all day” were some of the sentiments expressed many times throughout the summer at various locations where the Masts conducted a VBS or camp.
Kids were all keenly interested in the Bible, said Mast, which made the VBS seem more like a youth rally.
“It was marvelous to be a part of this experience,” said one VBS participant. “One little girl at Baudette fell in love with the song, ‘Everybody Ought to Know Who Jesus Is.’”
Looking ahead, Bible clubs, Bible studies, pastoring, church choir, worship team, camp reunions, CPA meetings, seminars, community choir, counselling at Stratton Christian school, plus much more will make the fall eventful for Mark and Tina Mast, who communicate the good news of the Gospel in every situation as the opportunity arises.
CSSM ministries also will be conducting Bible clubs, featuring singing, Bible stories, and games, throughout the winter at various locations for children aged five and up.
The schedule includes:
•Mondays–Riverview School (3:15-4:15 p.m.);
•Tuesdays–Donald Young School (12:05-12:45 p.m.), Crossroads (3:15-4:30 p.m.), and Alberton (5-6 p.m.);
•Wednesdays–Sturgeon Creek (3:30-4:30 p.m.); and
•Thursdays–Blue Gospel Tabernacle (4-5 p.m.)
Contact Mark or Tina Mast for more info at 852-3202.
In other news, Mast, his sons, Timothy and Jonathan, along with eight other men from Rainy River Covenant, attended the “Promise Keepers” at the Metrodome in Minneapolis.
More than 17,000 men gathered to be challenged with the theme, “Live the Legacy.” The song, “Grace Alone,” ministered greatly to those on hand.