Beef club members enjoy 4-H Fun Day

Submitted by
Kennah LeBlanc

The United Beef Club held their 4-H Fun Day at the home of Tami and Robin LeBlanc on Saturday, July 27, 2019.

All members brought their 4-H animal projects for the event.

The day started with each member weighing their animal. Thank you to Clayton Teeple for bringing the scales and weighing the calves for our club.

Thank you to the parents as well for helping with this task.

Junior Leaders, Alanna Gerula and Aynsley Williams had an activity planned with Aynsley’s 4-H steer.

All members were asked what to do with the animal to set it up and present your animal properly in the show ring.

Some of the answers were: holding the head up; properly placing the feet; and the person standing in the proper position to show off your animal the best.

We then talked about grooming and fitting a show animal. Sydney Romyn (member Georgia Romyn’s younger sister) who has offered to allow us use her animal for our grooming and fitting competition at the fair, brought her heifer into the grooming chute and all members learned how to train the animals hair and brush properly to make the animal look its best.

Then Kennah LeBlanc brought her 4-H steer in and leader Neil Haw showed us all how to clip the steer’s head.

Andrea Schram practised on the animal, as well.

All members brought their animals into the show ring and we practiced walking, lining up, setting up and presenting our animals properly.

All members and their families then enjoyed a BBQ lunch and visiting to end our day.

The LeBlanc’s were thanked by all members for hosting our Fun Day.