Be safe this hunting season

The Ministry of Natural Resources reminds hunters to know and follow the rules, and take necessary safety precautions during the moose and deer gun hunting season.
< *c>Hunting rules
•All hunters must wear solid hunter orange clothing (minimum of 400 sq. inches) and a hunter orange cap, except during a “bows-only” season.
•A hunter cannot transfer his/her game seal or possess a game seal issued to another person.
•Handle firearms with care and attention at all times.
•Keep guns and ammunition separate and locked away when not in use.
•Hunters must never shoot unless they are absolutely sure of their target and what is beyond it.
•It is illegal to shoot from a vehicle or carry a loaded firearm in or on a vehicle.
•It is illegal to discharge firearms from or across the travelled portion of any highway or road.
•It is illegal to trespass on private property to hunt.
•A hunter must ensure all game taken is handled properly to avoid waste.
•A hunter who killed a moose or deer must immediately attach the game seal in the manner prescribed on the seal, and it must remain attached during transportation (be sure to notch the date the animal was taken on your game seal).
< *c>Safety
•Stay calm and stay put in an emergency.
•Tell someone where you will be hunting and when you will be returning.
•Know the weather conditions in the area you will be hunting and dress accordingly.
•Avoid hypothermia. Know how to treat it if it strikes.
•Keep hydrated and well-nourished.
•Carry a survival kit with you at all times.
•Know how to build a fire in all weather conditions and carry the supplies you’ll need to start one.
•Carry a map and compass or GPS, and know how to use them.
•Alcohol and hunting don’t mix.
For information on open seasons for hunting, consult the 2005-06 Hunting Regulations Summary, available from licence issuers and ministry district offices, or on the ministry’s website.