Be aware of noise bylaw: OPP

During the past few weekends, Fort Frances OPP officers have responded to a number of noisy party complaints throughout the town.
The OPP would like to remind the public that Town of Fort Frances noise bylaw encompass excessive noise coming from vehicles and homes.
It reads: “No person shall make noise, or permit noise to be made, that is likely to disturb any other person within the Town of Fort Frances.”
The definition of noise includes “any musical or sound-producing instrument or apparatus . . . which when operated in such a volume as to annoy or disturb the peace . . . of any individual in any house, apartment house, hotel, or any other type of residence or campgrounds.”
Also included is loud, abusive, or profane language in such a manner as to disturb the peace within the municipality.
A contravention of this section carries a minimum $105 fine or a summons to court.