Azevedo, Croswell win mini-crowns

The winners of the Mini-King and Queen pageant, held in conjunction with the annual Emo Fair on Saturday, were Dawson Azevedo, six, and Taylor Croswell, five.
The judges had a difficult decision to make as all 10 children were adorable.
The pageant had been scheduled for 1 p.m. But with the parade running a bit late, the event didn’t get started until about 1:20 p.m.
A dozen children had entered the pageant (six boys and six girls), although only four of the girls showed up on Saturday.
In the future, if a child who is registered is unable to attend, parents should make an effort to contact the director so these positions can be filled. A lot of children were turned away because the positions were all filled.
Nonetheless, it was a great turnout and everyone seemed to enjoy the show.
Special thanks to Emo Legion Br. #99 for its donation of funds so that every child could go home with a prize.
Thank you, as well, to Sadie Smith for making the sashes the lucky winners are given and able to keep as a souvenir. She has been making these sashes for many years, and it is appreciated.
Thanks also to the lovely judges, Dr. Ingrid Krampetz, Heather Pryde, and Tracey Roen, and to my sister, Pamela McDonald, who helped me with the children during the pageant.
• • •
Emo’s “Biggest Loser” contest is being held again this year, with registration taking place Tuesday, Sept. 6 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at “loser headquarters” (located at the Corner Closet in Emo).
The registration fee is $15 per person.
The contest will begin Sept. 12 and run for 12 weeks, with the winner being crowned on Dec. 3 during “Holly Daze” festivities in Emo.
Exercise classes will run Mondays and Thursdays during the contest, but is not mandatory to attend. The idea behind the contest is to promote healthy and active living, and so the exercises are there to help anyone who is interested.
Some 104 people entered the inaugural contest last year, with the total weight loss being almost 900 pounds. The winner was Sandra Allan of Emo, who went home with $700 for her hard and rewarding work.
For more information, contact Colleen Vennechenko at 482-2171.
• • •
The Friends of the Emo Public Library would like to thank everyone for their support during this year’s fall fair. The group had a dunk tank set up on the fairgrounds and had a grand total of 2,433 baseballs thrown.
The group made a profit of $661, which will go towards improvements at the Emo Public Library.
Without the volunteers who willingly got wet (even when the weather was cold and raining), or collected the funds and picked up the baseballs, this could not of been accomplished.
The group would like to thank Dave Lee, Shane McDonald, Mathew McDonald, Colin Angus, Geoff Pierce, Cindy Keller, April Cormack, Dr. Ingrid Krampetz, Shirley Sheppard, Kirsten Sheppard, Becca Sheppard, Brea Sheppard, Jon Sheppard, Bob Sheppard, Kathy Leek, the 2005 Emo Fair Queen Kayla Lauzon, D.J. Hunsperger, Johnathon Blattner, Sarah Kellar, Heather Williams, Jamie DeGagne, Albert Leek, Christphor Leek, Allen Kinnear, and James O’SullIvan.
All the students who helped and did not have their sheets singed, please bring them to the Emo Public Library.
• • •
Once again, the Emo Family Resource Centre will be holding a babysitting course for all children aged 11 and up (but any child who is 11 must turn 12 within three months of the course).
The course is set for early September and the fee is $10 per child. You can register at the centre during its regular operating hours, or call 482-2946 for more information.
• • •
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