Auxiliary tea well supported

The Emo Hospital Auxiliary executive was quite pleased with the attendance and support it received from people during its fall tea/bake sale Friday afternoon at the Emo Legion.
President Dorothy Haines beamed over how well organizations responded in volunteering their services.
“We’ve had excellent co-operation from everyone, including the business sector, community clubs, and church groups,” she noted, adding it shows they all care for their hospital and are willing to offer their assistance whenever required.
Among the volunteers at work at the tea were Bev Holland with creative holiday cards, Mary Cain, Mary Gavin, Ynkse Kaemingh, Louise McComb at the calorie laden bake table, Cathy Leek, Marg Leveridge, and Shirley Patterson at the prize section.
Cecilia McComb and Christine Hartry welcomed guests with Norma Elliott. Linda Esselink and Gladys McLean helped at the craft centre, and several area women manned the penny table.
There were numerous winners at the penny table. Other winners included Bev Strachan (basket of fruit), Irene Meade (Black Forest cake), Molly Crozier (scenic picture painted by Marg Leveridge), and Molly Crozier (hand-carved loon donated by Wes Williams).
Metta Visser (afghan donated by Cecilia McComb), Fran O’Connell (birdhouse), Alice Hartry (1972 Team Canada coin collection), Julie Ball (O Canada coin set), Rachel Nussbaumer (Rehandart Print, “Spring Flowers”), and A. Kloprogge (Rehandart print, “Sailing Ship”) rounded out the winners.