Atikokan to support bid for cell phone project

Atikokan may have landed the new Community Care Access Centre’s 310-INFO call centre but that, in turn, may help Fort Frances in its bid for a cell phone project for Northwestern Ontario.
As first reported in last Thursday’s Daily Bulletin, Atikokan will became the base of operation for the 310-INFO call centre in January, providing the region with a new way to access health care information.
“It’s just the start,” enthused Atikokan Mayor Dennis Brown this morning. “It will provide six to eight jobs initially but there’s potential to add to it.”
The mayor also said Fort Frances, through the Rainy River Future Development Corp., played a big part in Atikokan getting the call centre.
“Fort Frances supported our application all the way and took on a leadership role,” he noted.
“Atikokan Economic Development has been working in conjunction with Fort Frances on the [Northwestern Ontario] cell phone project, and we’re pushing for them to get it.
“It’s a case of give a little, take a little.”
The call centre is planned to be located in the lower level of the Voyageur Mall in Atikokan.
“That’s our preferred place,” said Mayor Brown. “There’s plenty of space for expansion and access to other things.”
But he also admitted there are still details to work out on the project.
“[RRFDC’s] Geoff Gillon will be coming to Atikokan tomorrow, and the deal will hopefully be sealed with no problems,” he remarked.
“We still have a lot of work to do but it’s definitely a ‘go,’” CCAC executive director Dave Murray told the Times last week.