Artists wanted for ‘Reflections’

Artists from the Rainy River watershed are invited to participate in an international exhibition entitled “Reflections.”
Museum curator and local artist Pam Hawley said the exhibition is to coincide with the Man-O-Min watershed conference as a means of tying the conference into the community, as well as raise funds for it.
Works should represent the Rainy River basin and can include landscape imagery, activities, abstract impressions, and three-dimensional works, noted Hawley.
All work, which must be submitted ready to exhibit, will be up for silent auction, with a minimum bid when the work is put on display from March 30-April 2 at La Place Rendez-Vous.
A 20 percent commission on any final bid will be payable to the Man-O-Min conference.
All work is to be received at the Fort Frances Museum by March 24.
For more information, contact Hawley at 274-7891 or via e-mail at
In related news, the fourth-annual “Rainy Lake Impressions” art exhibit coming up in August will explore “The Dragonfly” as a theme.
Artists are invited to create images of these fascinating insects of Rainy Lake.
Poetry, musings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, and any creative works ready for public display are invited.
The themes of this annual show have varied over the years from lake myths to actual locations to the medium used.
Last year, “Put It on Paper” celebrated the anniversary of the local paper mill while 2003 featured work from the historic spot of the Devil’s Cascades on the north arm of Rainy Lake.
And in 2002, the mermaid of Rainy Lake was celebrated on her 70th birthday at the inaugural “Rainy Lake Impressions” art show.
This annual show captures the area’s greatest natural resource and celebrates the natural heritage of our area, said Hawley.
Local enthusiast Bill Morgenstern will conduct a field trip this June, with a land-based tour of local dragonfly haunts.
The tour will provide sources of inspiration for artists to create works for the exhibit, which will open Aug. 4.