Arthritis Bluebird Support Society

The Bluebird group meets every fourth Wednesday at 2 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Scott Street. Its primary function is to give support as well as to educate members about the many forms of arthritis.
We have access, through our provincial branch, to area and regional co-ordinators, as well as the arthritis physiotherapist in Kenora.
We also support others in their fundraising activities.
During the past year, our monthly meetings focused on health awareness. Diet and exercise were the theme for spring. Later, occupational and physiotherapists joined us to expand on exercises to ease the stress of daily living.
Members also were given a chance at another meeting to complete an arthritis assessment, and received a booklet to keep track of medication.
We discussed medical concerns with Vioxx and the importance of doctors to our treatment. Group support from other members lighten our spirits and send us off in a more optimistic mood.
As anyone who has struggled with arthritis knows, this is invaluable.
If we can help you cope with arthritis, please join us in the new year. Announcements of meetings will appear in the Times and on Shaw.