All enjoy DYS Christmas Concert

Just like the other two Christmas concerts I covered for the Times, the gymnasium at Donald Young School was packed to capacity on Thursday, Dec. 19 as parents, staff, and friends gathered to watch the annual performance by students.
DYS principal Lucinda Meyers welcomed everyone to the program, the theme of which was “A Child is Born.”
Then after “O Canada” was sung, emcees Maverick Judson and Casey Grant presented each item on the program, saying a few timely words of what was to happen next.
The Junior Kindergarten class, directed by Rod Enns, presented a humorous number entitled “My Big Fat Christmas Goose.”
Then the Grades 1-3 students appeared in “The Jesse Tree,” during which the children placed a decoration on the tree while others sang three Christmas tunes—“Silent Night,” “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” and “Joy to the World.”
This kept in line with the program’s theme “A Child is Born”.
Students in Senior Kindergarten and Grades 2/3 then presented two selections, “Parade of the Wooden Soldiers” and “Away in a Manger,” with a backup choir.
Accompaniment for the musical portion of the program was Helen Mose.
This was followed by the Grade 4/5 students in the story, “T’was the Night Before Christmas,” Santa was portrayed by Matthew McDonald and the mother by Paige Vien.
Santa’s arrival was dramatic since the children had waited through the night for his arrival.
The Huron Carol was presented by the Grade 7/8 students, using a video from scenes in the countryside with aboriginal children walking through the woods, building the Nativity scene, and dressing up a Christmas tree.
If you’ve never watched “Family Feud” on TV, you had a chance to see the Christmas edition of it at the DYS concert.
The host of the program was Taylor Latimer, and it featured two teams, “Santa and Crew” (consisting of Cody Drennan, Delaney Johnstone, Tyler Lalonde, Taylor Meyers, and Tara Boettcher) and “Joseph and Crew” (including Josh Wilson, Heidi Emond, George Kemper, Cody Van Drunen, and Teare Arnold.
Latimer carried on exceptionally well with both teams.
Afterwards the Grades 4-6 classes performed a French song entitled “Il est ne.” (He is born).
The program concluded with the Senior Kindergarten and Grades 4-6 singing, “You Shall Go Out with Joy.” Principal Meyers then thanked everyone for coming and wished all a safe journey home.