Alicia making complete recovery

What a difference a year can make.
Last summer, one-year-old Alicia Delbridge was fighting for her life in an Alberta hospital after contracting a rare and mysterious heart ailment that threatened her life. Her parents, Cory and Christine, left their jobs here in Fort Frances to be at their daughter’s side as she fought for her life.
Slowly but surely, she began to fight back, but there was no guarantee she would make a full recovery as the possibility of permanent heart damage was on the back of the minds of her doctors and family.
On Tuesday, however, Alicia’s parents sent a welcome e-mail to the Times along with pictures from her second birthday—an event that was in considerable doubt not so long ago.
“The cardiologist at the Children’s Hospital has given our precious daughter a clean bill of health,” Christine wrote.
“Her heart is functioning well within normal range and she is a very active two-year-old,” she continued.
“She is no longer on any heart medications and it appears the heart is doing very well despite being off the meds for a few months.”
Christine went on to say the doctors were frankly amazed and surprised at the degree of her recovery since many children under similar circumstances would have even survived.
The Delbridges expressed their gratitude to the people of Fort Frances who helped them keep their spirits up during the darker moments and said they will continue to keep the town apprised of Alicia’s progress.