Alberton reeve not happy with proposal

After receiving a counter-offer from the Town of Fort Frances to annex the landfill site along McIrvine Road, Alberton Reeve John Milling is still not pleased.
“I don’t like the offer. I don’t think it’s reasonable to eat away at our tax base. It hurts us, we can’t afford to get any smaller,” said Reeve Milling.
Alberton council had replied to Fort Frances’ proposal to annex the landfill site into the town’s boundaries by requesting $50,000 in compensation.
Fort Frances council unanimously scoffed at the idea and, according to Reeve Milling, have sent back a second offer of continued tax payments for several years and equal access to the dump.
“I guess that the latest offer is four years’ taxation plus a guarantee of our citizens paying tipping fees at the same rate as Fort Frances residents indefinitely,” he said.
But Alberton is still losing too much in the deal, Reeve Milling argued.
“We sold them the dump for $1 and it was written that we would have guaranteed access to the dump until our population reached 1,500,” he recalled. “We felt, in light of the fact we sold them the dump at such a reasonable rate, we should receive compensation.”
While Reeve Milling is not impressed with the proposal, he indicated Alberton council is split on the issue. Before accepting any proposal, the township is hosting a public meeting March 8 to present the options to residents.
“Fort Frances had some valid arguments so we’ll go to the public meeting and see what they say and then we’ll vote on it,” Reeve Milling said. “The council was pretty divided on it last time.”
The public meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in the Alberton municipal office, and will be followed by a regular council meeting during which councillors are expected to reach a decision on the town’s latest proposal.
Although they discussed a letter from Alberton council during an in-camera session of council here Monday, Fort Frances councillors would only say that they had confirmed a position on the issue but would not discuss details because of the on-going negotiations.
Fort Frances has been looking to move the landfill site, which it already owns, within town boundaries so it has municipal jurisdiction.