Alberton looking at new community hall

Alberton is taking a close look at building a new community hall after getting an extension on a Small Communities Capital Assistance grant until the end of the year.
“A lot of communities used the grant last year. [But] due to time constraints, we weren’t able to get all our ducks in a row,” noted Alberton clerk Faye Flatt.
“Now we’re just fine-tuning,” she said.
Council made some structural changes to the plan at its monthly meeting last Wednesday. They will look at it one more time before holding a public forum to see whether there’s enough support to proceed.
The grant will provide about $95,000 for the project, and there’s hope some help will come from the community. Depending on the building costs and public response, the project may be a community effort completed with volunteer labour.
“We won’t really know what the cost is until we tender it out,” said Alberton Reeve Judy Koski.
The hall likely would be built on the same spot as the existing one, which is beginning to show signs of age.
“The other one is getting pretty old and there is some rotting in the floor joists,” noted Reeve Koski.