Alberton council still short of names

While she said “downloading” probably has caused some people to hesitate, incoming reeve Judy Koski admitted she’s in the dark as to why no one has come forward to fill the two vacant seats on Alberton council.
And one of the first official duties when the new council sits Dec. 10 will be to decide how to bring two other people on board.
“It’ll be the decision of the new council coming in,” she said yesterday, referring to Coun. Lucy Lahti and newcomer John Milling, who were both acclaimed last week.
Alberton residents were given notice Oct. 14 from Clerk and Returning Officer Faye Flatt that due to an insufficient number of nominations, two candidates were required to run for council.
Nomination were re-opened Oct. 15 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., as per the Municipal Elections Act, but no one responded.
According to legislation, the new council can hold another election for the two vacant seats, advertise for applications, or appoint people.
“If we don’t get people interested the next time around, we’ll have to ask Municipal Affairs for guidance,” Koski admitted.
In other rural election news, Greg Ferris and Rick Neilson both came forward last Wednesday to seek the seat in Ward 4 in Chapple.
Arnellda Brusven and Jackie Champagne are vying for the Ward 2 seat there.
Reeve Cecil Wilson, Coun. Bill Clink (Ward 1) and Coun. Peter Van Heyst (Ward 3) were all acclaimed.
And though no one came forward in Morson to fill the reeve’s chair while they had the chance last Wednesday, returning officer Pat Giles said last week he wasn’t sure councillors there would try to fill it.
He explained with the two townships gearing to amalgamate Jan. 1, there would be a head of council (McCrosson-Tovell Reeve Valerie Pizey) then.
Incumbents Colleen McFadden, Dorothy Gate and Joann Moen, along with newcomer Ken Pentney, were acclaimed to Morson council.
Reeve Pizey and Couns. Alfred Gate, Leonard Larsen, Bill Lundgren and Adrienne Olson in McCrosson-Tovell.
To recap other races across the district:
< B>< *c>Dawson
oCoun. Eltjo Wiersema is challenging incumbent Lloyd Hodges for the reeve;
oincumbents Larry Budreau and Archie Wiersema are vying for Atwood Ward councillor; and
oincumbents Alphonse Langlais was acclaimed Dilke Ward councillor, John Amundsen as Blue Ward councillor, and Linda Armstrong as Worthington Ward councillor.
< B>< *c>Emo
oincumbent Brian Reid was acclaimed as reeve;
oincumbents Gary Judson, Sean Latimer and Ken Fisher, along with challengers Cecil Ogden, James O’Sullivan and Jack Winik, are vying for the four seats on council.
< B>< *c>La Vallee
< B> oReeve Ken McKinnon, along with Couns. Freeda Carmody, Tom Morrish, Dale Stamarski and Emily Watson, were all acclaimed.
< B>< *c>Rainy River
< B> oincumbent Gord Armstrong was acclaimed as mayor;
oincumbent Couns. Larry Armstrong, Gerry Marchuk, Bill Marmus, Marilyn McAlister, and Ron Willis, along with challengers Susan Affleck, Logan Ewald, Edward Tymkin and Corrie Wiersema, are vying for the six council seats; and
oincumbents Ron McAlister and Ike Dyck were acclaimed to the two seats on the local Public Utilities Commission.