Abattoir plans to be updated at meeting

Members of the Rainy River Regional Abattoir (RRRA) will be updated on the project’s progress at a general membership meeting in Barwick on Aug. 10.
Plans to establish a district abattoir have been ongoing since the board of directors was selected in April.
RRRA president Steve Loshaw noted three months of research and fact-finding will be the topic of the meeting.
“We will be sending meeting notices and a draft constitution to members and the presentation is going to be research into site selection, environmental impacts and regulatory effects on operations,” he said.
“It’s a progress report for members,” explained Loshaw, citing the meeting will also give the board of directors a chance to tell the members where they’d like to go from here based on the research as far as the type of building and looking for sites.
Voting members will also have the opportunity to provide feedback on the information.
Loshaw emphasized voting members are those who have paid their $500 membership fee and have made a pledge of $2,000 toward the construction. However, the pledge is not due at this time.
“And there is still room for more members,” he added, noting they are very close to their original goal of 100 members. “Those interested can contact any board member or the Rainy River Future Development Corp. We would certainly welcome additional members.”
Besides meeting every two weeks, the board of directors has been busy for the past few months conducting research, templates, and putting the information into templates so comparisons and decisions can be made based on that.
“The last two or three meetings have really just been trying to complete them,” Loshaw noted. “We set a timeline chart and we’re pretty much in line with that.”
The next stage will include business planning.
“We’ll have to make decisions on the rural municipal properties impact, the environmental issues, everything has tentacles and we have to put it together,” Loshaw explained. “We’ll have to start looking at properties that suit what we want to do and looking at whether we can get those properties.”
And the group still needs to seek additional funding for the project.
The general membership meeting will be held in Barwick at the community centre beginning at 7 p.m. and is scheduled to run until 9 p.m. All voting members, as well as anybody else interested in the project, are invited to attend.