Abattoir committee still seeking support

Ken McKinnon, head of the steering committee proposing an abattoir for the district, still is looking for support from local beef producers and businesses.
“I was very impressed with the turnout from the meeting,” he remarked, noting more than 70 people were on hand at the public meeting Feb. 15 in Barwick on Feb. 15.
“[But] we won’t be able to move ahead without 100 percent support from the producers,” McKinnon stressed.
Pledge forms were available at that meeting for those to sign who want to support the project.
No money was requested right away, but the steering committee wants signatures of support—with each person offering to pledge the $500 membership fee and a $2,000 loan.
McKinnon indicated 26 people signed up that night, and that they had just over 50 pledge forms signed as of this past Monday (Feb. 27).
“We’re canvassing all over the Rainy River District and things are moving along, but we’re not there yet,” he warned.
“If anyone is hesitant about it, I hope that they give it some serious consideration because we need everyone to be on board.”
Although the committee hasn’t set a date as to when it will decide whether or not there’s enough support to move ahead with the abattoir project, McKinnon hoped people continue to bring the pledge forms in.
“At this point it is a numbers game. We need well over 100 [signed pledge forms],” he stressed. “So we’re about halfway there.”
“We, the farmers, have to take the first step,” he added, noting businesses should show their support after that.
“I feel very strongly about this because I believe it will help everyone,” McKinnon said.
Pledge forms can be dropped off with Geoff Gillon at the Rainy River Future Development Corp., located at 608 Scott St. in Fort Frances, or to McKinnon, who can be reached at 486-3451.