4-H meeting update

Marlee Bliss

The fourth meeting of the Devlin Beef Club was held at Louis and Aaron Bujoild’s on Sunday, August 2.

We started off by reciting the 4-H pledge and talking about show setup for 2020 and everything that will

need to be done to prepare for the show on August 9. We also discussed our books and how they

needed to be completed for the show. After we went over the upcomings for the show and 4-H

books, we took a club photo. Then we went to look at Tayah, Lauryn, and Aaron’s heifers. Then we

went to the barn to look at their steers. After we looked at their steers and heifers, we talked more about the

show and asked questions about it, so we know what to prepare for.

We ended the meeting by making sure everyone one was ready and prepared. The meeting was

adjourned at 9:00 p.m.