4-H leaders given reality check

It’s wasn’t a full dressing down but local 4-H leaders had their egos taken down a bit during the Rainy River District 4-H Association’s awards banquet Friday night in Emo.
Leader Kim Jo Calder said there was “a lot of bickering” going on among some of the leaders–bickering she found very frustrating and bothering.
“The leaders have to take part and work together,” she stressed. “I feel the old faithfuls are in there but it’s time [for new people] to step in.
“I just feel when you’ve been doing something for a long time, and you get stepped on, it’s frustrating,” she added.
To stress her point, she read a list of “How to Kill the Rainy River District 4-H Association in 13 steps”
“Stay away from meetings,” Calder said. “If you do come, find fault. Decline office or appointment to a committee. Get sore if you aren’t nominated or appointed.
“After you are named, don’t attend board or committee meetings,” she continued. “If you get to one, despite your better judgment, clam up until it’s over. Then sound off on how things really should be done.
“Do not work if you can help it. When the old reliables pitch in, accuse them of being a clique,” Calder said. “Oppose all banquets, parties, and shindigs as being a waste of members’ money. If everything is strictly business, complain that the meetings are dull and offices are a bunch of old sticks.
“Never accept a place at the head table,” she went on. “If you aren’t asked to sit there, threaten to resign because you aren’t appreciated. Don’t rush to pay your dues. Let the executive committee sweat (after all, they wrote the budget).
“Read the mail from headquarters only now and then,” she summed up. “Don’t reply if you can help it.”
At the end of the banquet, Calder said she was confidant the bickering among some of the leaders will work out but it still upset her that it had to exist in the first place.
“We’re all working with so many other groups [but] within all the groups I’m working in, this should have the less bickering because this group is fun,” she argued.