4-H Explores Gardening

We started off our meeting with the 4-H pledge. We then did our roll call question with our leaders, Krista Olson, Melinda Romyn and guest leader Tracey Haglin. The question was “have you ever helped plant a fruit or vegetable garden? If so, what did you enjoy the most?”

Then we went over last week’s meeting minutes. We learned what to and what not to plant together. We then talked about which plants need sun and which ones do not need sun. We discussed where to position the fruits and veggies in the garden. We talked about what plants grow better in different places. We learned how to read a plant tag and talked about what perennials, annuals, and biannuals are. For example, a perennial comes up every year, an annual grows only once, and a biannual is a plant that takes two years to flower.

We then did a crossword puzzle and got to choose our own flower to plant while at Tracey’s. Each of us took this flower and a cucumber plant home to take care of. The group then repotted over 400 vegetable plants for the Sturgeon Creek School Council.

We ended the meeting with our snack and got our homework assignment. The meeting was adjourned by our president, Jessica Teeple.