4-H Club explores rabbits

By Olivia Seguin
4-H Correspondent

The first meeting of the Explore 4-H Club was held on April 22, 2022 at the Romyn’s residence. The members are Jessica Teeple, Landon Teeple, Mason Teeple, Olivia Seguin, Melania Olson, Rihanna Morrison, Emily Romyn, Sydney Romyn, Georgia Romyn, and Hailey Wilson. Landon Teeple and Hailey Wilson were unable to attend our first meeting. Our leaders are Krista Olson and Melinda Romyn. We started with the 4-H pledge, then did the elections with Jessica Teeple as our president, Sydney Romyn our vice president, Rihanna Morrison as our secretary, and Olivia Seguin as our press reporter.

The topic of our meeting was rabbits. We got started with roll call question, describing what kind of rabbit we would want as a pet — e.g. colour, size, short or long hair, etc. Everyone took turns reading their answers. Then we read about different breeds and body types of rabbits. Then we did a couple worksheets on that topic. We read about the types of feed and what you should and shouldn’t feed your rabbit. We learned how to hold a rabbit properly and safely. We took turns reading about the different types of facilities for rabbits and did a couple worksheets. We went over our homework which is to design a rabbit cage of our own. We went outside to see the Romyn’s rabbits. Then we went back inside for refreshments and snacks. President Jessica adjourned the meeting.

The Explore 4-H Club started their season exploring rabbits, with a meeting at the Romyn farm. – Submitted photo