4-H Beef Club news

The Emo Beef Club has held its second and third meeting of the year.
People often wonder what beef farming is all about. Just to let you know a little, it isn’t only about feeding and watering your beef.
It also involves caring for your animals and running an agricultural business.
The goal of our beef club project is to cover both of these aspects of beef farming and also develop life skills one can apply to beef farming.
What we’ve learned so far in our 4-H club is how to appreciate and care for the heifers and steers, and about the life cycle of a beef cow from calving to breeding to calving again.
Our leaders helped us out by telling us how to fit and show beef steers and heifers for the Junior Agriculture programs. We also learned how to present a beef steers and heifers to our best advantage in the show ring.
We probably have thought at one time how hard is it to walk a silly steer around a show ring. Well, let me tell you it takes a lot of muscles and determination less the bangs and bruises.
Our leaders then showed us the proper show ring etiquette.
Well, you might think that there is a lot of work to do but, by the way, you’ll also get to have lots of fun with other club members and their leaders.
Just a little helpful information on what 4-H stands for: Heart, Hands, Head, and Health.