4-H beef club already gearing up for Emo Fair

Mitch Haw

A fresh year of the United Beef Club commenced Monday, May 6, 2009 at 7 p.m. at the McDonald residence of Stratton.
Volunteers Bud McQuaker and Murray McDonald began the evening by introducing two new members, Ashley Croswell and Braydon Kreger, to the club’s 11 returning members.
As custom, the 4-H pledge was recited and a new set of executive members were installed.
The United Beef Club then completed Project Animal Identification Forms under the guidance of Bud and Murray.
These forms serve the purpose of describing each member’s 4-H steer to be raised for the Emo Fall Fair.
With this task complete, 4-H membership fees were collected and the dates for the remaining four meetings were declared.
The next meeting was set to be held at the home of Nick Teeple on Monday, May 10 at 7 p.m.
Club volunteers then circulated various documents which are to be compiled by members in the completion of the project.
One such paper was the Feed and Growth Record. This sheet featured charts which allow members to track the growth and cost of their project animal.
Bud McQuaker noted that with less than 100 days until the fair, members must ensure their steers are growing at a respectable rate.
The volunteers reassured that suitable weight gain can be achieved with a substantial grain ration.
In turn, the club members shared the approximate weight of their animals, and how much feed each currently is consuming.
The meeting then shifted focus to the topic, “The Beef Herd,” which will be covered this year.
4-H articles, including “Selecting the Project Calf” and “Breeds and Crossbreeds,” were read aloud as a group. The club noticed there are many breeds of cattle which are strange to this region.
However, every breed possesses its own strengths and character traits, which are suited to a variety of environments.
As the meeting neared completion, Murray requested all members research a local cross-breeding program and prepare to discuss their findings at the next meeting.
At this time, president Jared McQuaker adjourned the meeting.
Members then had the chance to view RJ McDonald’s steer and enjoy snacks before dispersing.