District booster will be missed

So, our weather seems to have returned to some more “normal” conditions.
I was in Kitchener for a couple of days last week and the humidity there was much more intense.
I attended an Ontario Cattlemen’s Association meeting, where we were given an update on the new Risk Management Insurance Program. I also was able to attend a retirement night for Paul Stiles, who has been very supportive of our local cattlemen’s association and the Rainy River District Regional Abattoir.
Paul made many trips to Emo and experienced all our seasons (i.e., 40-below at our annual cattlemen’s meeting in January).
We will miss Paul, and I’m hoping his replacement will appreciate Rainy River District as much as he did.
Of course, like a lot of my trips, there is always something that comes up unexpected! Like, who would have thought about the roof blowing off the Thunder Bay Airport!
Fortunately, I had parked near the rear of the lot and returned to my truck that only had blown paper on it.
My parents had offered me to take both of their new vehicles and I’m thinking they are glad I turned down their kind offer!
• • •
Since it felt like a fall day on Saturday, I brought my cows in the yard and sorted out a few to take to the Emo Fair and a few steers to fatten.
I was shocked to have long pants and a jacket on but still didn’t find it too hot.
Maddie wants to take a heifer, “Cale,” to the fair, who is far from a class winner but she likes her. When I was young and starting out in 4-H, my grandma always thought it was more important to take your own animals than to worry about being the winner every time.
Marlee thinks she might consider taking a calf to the fair this year, as well. But we are waiting for Maddie to decide which one she can take and if she is “old enough” yet.
Bradley Teeple had his fair calf, “Johnny,” at our 4-H fun day over the weekend. Maddie was able to practise with Bradley’s well-trained calf and she was feeling pretty pleased with herself.
Bradley, who is just seven years old, has done an excellent job of training his calf!
• • •
I also attended my neighbour’s 100th birthday over the weekend.
John Niskala, who hit the century mark this past Friday (July 22), was friends with our family, namely my great-grandpa/uncles (the farm which I live on now).
He has been living in Winnipeg for the past 60 years, but has spent lots of time at the Century Farm north of Emo with his brother, Henry, and his son, Gary, Donna, and boys.
Mr. Niskala is in wonderful shape and has an amazing memory. He asked my grandma’s maiden name and quickly remembered her father, Jack Gillies.
His family hosted a wonderful party, and it was truly celebration of great family and a great man.
They had put together a slide show of photographs and Mr. Niskala had narrated the entire show–a true keepsake!
• • •
Congratulations to Jason and Andrea (Lee) Smith., who were married over the weekend in a very nice celebration.
Wishing them all the best and many happy years together!
• • •
A very busy weekend ended up nearly tragic. My almost step-son left our annual fish fry and called shortly afterwards to tell us he had just rolled his truck.
He was a very luck boy and we are very thankful! Trucks are replaceable but kids are not.
Air bags and his seat belt certainly saved him. Despite being shook up and having a bit of a stiff neck, he is fine!
• • •
Just a reminder that we are planning a work bee at the Stratton sales barn on Saturday, Aug. 6 at 9 a.m.
Sure hope you can join us!

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