Dear Mike:
Eighty years ago, a deadly fire took the lives of 17 people in Dance Township. Ten years ago, a committee of dedicated volunteers got together and created a monument commemorating this horrific loss of life and to honour the families that survived.
These same volunteers have been maintaining the site since then.
Every year, silk flowers and solar lights are placed in urns beside the monument, along with other general upkeep. This year, shortly after the flowers and lights were placed at the site, someone came along and removed them.
This is the third time that this has happened.
The items weren’t expensive but the fact that someone could remove items from a memorial dedicated to lost lives is incomprehensible to us.
It isn’t the monetary amount that is troublesome, it is the fact that someone thinks so little of those lives lost and would take items placed to honour those that have passed.
Our committee and the family members that remain are very disappointed that this keeps happening.
Please honour their memories and leave the site as you found it.
Thank you,
Joanne Hyatt
Dance Township