Dipsticks need to be connected

My husband and I don’t own a television, so all the talk about Sunday night’s Academy Awards has me feeling disconnected—something like the dipstick bracket that broke off our snowmobile on Saturday.
I can’t even pretend to engage about what gowns were worn at one of society’s most glamorous events. But I can utter a word that sounds like “dipstick” when suddenly stranded with a broken down sled and a haul of groceries and paint in minus-21 C weather.
The bad mood didn’t last, however. In fact, the walk across the lake home was one of the most pleasant ice strolls of the year.
The top layers of snow and slush have conjoined and hardened, turning the lake into one big white sidewalk. Plus, we picked up our other machine before any of our goods froze and in plenty of time before nightfall.
It’s such a pleasant change this time of year with daylight lasting until almost 6 p.m.
The dipstick problem (apparently a common problem with the older four-stroke 660 Turbo Arctic Cats) also was an easy fix. It simply meant breaking into our nephew’s garage to borrow a welder, then later getting his advice and help . . . again.
It seems every week we need him for something.
We consider ourselves lucky, though. Not only because our nephew helps us out so much, but also because we have yet to overheat a snowmobile engine.
Other people apparently did just that on Saturday due to the hardened trail conditions.
In fact, I know of a few people who are happy about the light snow we’ve had since Saturday, which softened the trails (yep, that’s right, there actually are people who want more snow).
I’m even happy about it because this weekend we plan to snowmachine to the annual Nestor Falls Winter Carnival. The trail is open all the way to Nestor Falls from Fort Frances now.
Both the Off Lake and Clearwater Lake trails were marked late last week. Caliper Lake isn’t staked, but the trail across it is packed just fine.
This will be a very scenic trip, and leaving from Clearwater Lake it takes just under an hour. As well, we don’t foresee breaking down since the dipstick is now firmly in place.
Instead, we’ll stop for hot eats and cool drinks at either Larsson’s Camp or The Lawg Caybun in Nestor Falls. Both of these log places offer so much camp-like ambiance, and great service.
Then we want to check out the snow sculptures, fishing derby, and maybe even some of Saturday night’s dance.
Yes, with winter lightening up, there are lots of things out there to do.
Who needs a television, really? The best part of winter is now, and there’s a whole lot to be connected to besides the necklines, colours, and lengths of red carpet gowns.
Grab a friend (or possibly a dipstick) and you’re good to go.
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