Did you see this UFO?

When Carl Schubring was the editor of the Fort Frances Times, we could go to him with a question about an event that may have occurred in Rainy River District and he could tell us when it happened and when, and if it was published in the paper.
Our current editor, Mike Behan, who has been in the community for 18 years, has that same gift of being able to define when stories happened or were written about.
This past week, I received a call from a reader in Kenora who was trying to settle an argument about a phenomenon he and his brother had witnessed more than 40 years ago.
The two remember being in the family car travelling between Larsson’s Camp, located on Caliper Lake, and Finland. They can’t agree on the month of the sighting, and they are not sure about the year.
But both remember seeing a bright shining light that seemed to hover in front of their car and shone vertically into the air. He was wondering if the newspaper had any record of the incident that he could use to verify it.
In his story, the reader remembers following the light down the highway. The light kept just ahead of their family Ford Mustang, then suddenly disappeared.
He also remembers the family was listening to the Fort Frances radio station just prior to seeing the light. Other radio stations were cutting into the Fort Frances signal at the time, however, when the light appeared, the radio went dead until it disappeared.
This reader had searched through the microfilm of back issues of the Times. Unfortunately, the microfilm of that era seems to have deteriorated and many of the stories have become unreadable.
His memory of the incident covers the years 1963-64 and 65. And he believes the lights happened in the late summer or early fall.
Our old editor, Mr. Schubring, would have been of great help in identifying when—and if—we wrote of the unidentified flying object or strange light. At that time, there were many reports of people spotting UFOs all over Canada and the United States.
I can remember the discussions among friends at school.
There is something in the back of my mind that the Times wrote something about this light, and the speculation was that people in the district were seeing a “swamp gas phenomenon.”
But, I have no reference point to attach it to a particular date or time of the year.
This well-educated reader from Kenora is still curious about the event and was wondering if anyone in the district remembers seeing a bright light along Highway 71 in the early 1960s.
If you have any recollections or stories about lights, I would be interested in hearing from you. E-mail your story to newsff@fortfrances.com

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