Devlin 4-H club takes part in ‘Holly Daze’

Press Release

The Devlin 4-H club met on Friday at Donald Young School to participate in the “Holly Daze” parade in Emo.
Five members and five leaders were in attendance.
Tom and Shirley supplied the four animals that participated.
Kayla led “Snowball” the sheep, Danielle led “Buck” the horse, Brianna led “Heidi” the goat, and Samantha led “Unique” the heifer.
Jolene carried the banner, Tom and Lisa helped the girls with the animals, and Greg and Kathy handed treats to the spectators.
Shirley drove the truck and trailer to pick up the animals following the parade.
Then on Saturday, Danielle and Kayla were at Tompkins Hardware in Emo wrapping gifts for the customers.
Tracy had arranged a “give back to the community” event where 4-H members wrapped gifts or bagged groceries at Cloverleaf.
Thank you to all the members who participated in the parade, the gift wrapping, and the grocery bagging. It shows the community how much you appreciate the support they give to 4-H.
Our next meeting will be our year-end wind-up party/awards presentation on Saturday, Dec. 19.