Deer antler hunt a blast

Well, I’m hoping the Easter Bunny found everyone over the weekend!
The Easter Bunny visited our place and left things all over the yard, in the playhouse, and other tricky places.
Maddie and Marlee absolutely loved the big hunt. In fact, Maddie was wondering how the bunny managed to carry so much around.
The girls also found a new passion over the weekend—hunting for deer antlers!
We had them out on the four-wheelers when my boyfriend/partner spotted a deer antler. So we stopped and told them we should walk in the bush to see if we could find any deer antlers.
They almost walked past it, but Maddie picked it up and was tickled pink!
We spent a fair amount of time looking for the other side, and hoping we could find something for Marlee, but we had no luck.
The girls think their dad will be so proud of them since they are getting so good at being in the bush. Their little legs put on a lot of miles searching.
• • •
We had four elk eating with our bulls all winter, and we watched them from mid-December until now. I stayed in contact with MNR staff and gave them updates on my wild friends.
Elk keep their antler until early spring and then shed and start to re-grow ASAP. We had a very large bull and we knew he had shed his very large antlers.
On Thursday night, my almost step-son and his cousin, Jared, found them. They are quite amazing too see.
It’s hard to believe how these animals carry these large antlers around so gracefully and quietly in the bush.
• • •
“Salt” and “Pepper,” the baby lambs, received lots of attention over the weekend, as well. The girls have pink and blue collars on them now, and they practised walking them around and getting groomed.
They still are in the barn because Maddie is worried the wolf might come and get them.
They had lots of company and everyone who came had to make a trip up to the barn for show-and-tell. They also modelled a “pull-up [diaper]” since they are planning to make a trip to school sometime in the near future.
“Clover,” the other ewe, is starting to show signs that she is going to give us a baby, as well. This will work out great; we will have babies all over again since “Salt” and “Pepper” are growing very fast.
• • •
You may have remembered me mentioning the Krahn boys with their fed-lot they had built and started last fall.
They were one of the larger consignors at our spring cattle sale earlier this month, having done an excellent job of feeding and caring for their cattle over the winter. They brought us some very nicely-fed, clean cattle.
We certainly are hoping they were able to turn a profit on these cattle since they purchased most of them from our sales barn and again sold them through our facility.
It is so nice to see young people with such great interest in agriculture, and the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association would like to offer them as much encouragement and support as we can provide.
Keep up the good work, boys!
• • •
Just a reminder the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture’s spring dinner will be held this Saturday, April 30 at 6:30 p.m. at the Millennium Hall in Stratton.
Tickets available from Bernie Zimmerman or Linda Armstrong.
• • •
The Rainy River District Stewardship Committee still is taking orders for white spruce or red pine trees (they cost 25 cents each or $5 for a bundle of 20).
Mason bee boxes also are for sale for $30. They are great early pollinators (and non-stinging).
Give Jeff Johnston a call at 274-6210 or me at 482-2863.

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