Debate welcomed

We welcome debate in our newspapers through letters to the editor. We welcome youth activism in our schools and on our streets. This past week we have seen both.
Diversity of opinion is welcomed when it is well-reasoned and presents alternative ideas and solutions to issues whether they are community or provincially-driven.
The students of Fort Frances High School and Rainy River High School are to be commended for taking to the streets in an orderly manner to protest cuts to education that will see class sizes rise to historic levels.
For several decades, class sizes have been reduced creating better student teacher ratios that allows teachers to provide more individual help to students. The cuts to education will result in over 3,500 teachers being removed from the system.
The most modern classroom size across the province are now designed and built for fewer students. The increased class sizes will potentially create overcrowded rooms.
We agree that increasing class size in our schools is not a progressive idea and that present class sizes should remain in place.
The protest to the proposed changes helps students understand and become involved in government at municipal, provincial and federal levels.
Similarly, our newspaper is filled with letters to the editor calling for Senator Lynn Beyak to resign. Letters are always welcomed and challenging our politicians to act in certain matters is good.
However, newspapers have limited space and our policy requires that letters be less than 300 words, be signed with the writer’s name, their phone number and email address be included in the information so that we can verify that the person writing the letter is the same is the same as the signature.
We choose the right to refuse letters from people outside the local coverage area unless the letters are written on a topic of primarily local interest. As a newspaper we also reserve the right to not publish letters to the editor.