Crops ripening quickly at ag station

The crops are ripening quickly and we actually combined a small barley trial already here at the Emo agricultural research station.
It was good to try out the combine on a smaller trial and be sure that things were all dialed in.
We had a new scale system installed on the combine and it seems to be working much better.
We will be taking straw yields on most of our cereal work (we are hearing of straw being of high value and hard to come by in many places).
The deer continue to enjoy our soybeans—and also have been pulling carrots out!
Finally, we have finished our second cut here at the station. I have some plots that actually are ready to plow but I will have to wait until we get a decent rain as my tractor won’t pull the plow through the ground yet (no, I’m not wishing for rain as I’m still enjoying our great summer weather of late).
• • •
We had a very successful work bee at the Stratton sales barn again, with a great group coming out to help complete some of our tasks.
Things are pretty much ready for our first sale on Aug. 27.
Thank you to the people who showed up to help us once again. We understand that everyone has a big list of jobs to do themselves, but it means a lot to see how many show up to lend a helping hand.
• • •
Sierra Woolsey (daughter of Rob and Patti) married a dairy farmer from the south in early July.
They are home this week and inviting everyone to the Emo Legion this Friday (Aug. 12) starting at 8 p.m. to help celebrate their marriage.
Sierra, who left here a big horse lover, has now started to appreciate how great cows are and has been milking cows and enjoying farm life (I think she still loves horses, too!)
• • •
The Emo Fair is fast approaching (though I have mixed feelings about this since fall seems to set in once the fair is over and I still want summer).
You’ll likely see 4-H members out inviting you to their annual steer auction. I know many find that a steer is too much meat, so please let us know and we’ll see if we can partner you up with another buyer.
We have 27 steers this year.
Meanwhile, the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture will be setting up its annual trade show at the Emo Arena starting next Monday (Aug. 15).
If you are able to lend a hand to hang up curtains and do other jobs, please come out around 7 p.m.
I understand a long-time helper is away this year (we will miss Rudy but it sounds like he is working out of town).
4-H members will start out Fair Week with a clean-up bee at 10 a.m. on Monday (Aug. 15) and then they will be setting up their barn on the evening of Aug. 17.
It’s a long week of dragging and organizing!
• • •
I’ve been plugging away at getting my cattle ready for the fair. I got four of them clipped, just leaving me with two calves and the “Guess the Weight” animal.
The animals have been behaving very nicely, which is great since I’m down some helpers this year. My “almost step-son” didn’t join 4-H and is working while my vet cousin isn’t able to get any time off work!
So looks like I am on my own (my boyfriend/partner helps me out a lot, but I don’t think he will be walking any cows!)
Maddie’s heifer is very quiet so she seems to know how to pick out that trait anyhow.

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